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This sword was used to defeat The Dark Lord Sauron near the end of The Second Age. however during this the blade is shattered and the remains were left safelty at the elvin

Sword narsil

The remains of Narsil

outpost of Rivendell. during the Return of the king the remains of the sword were reforged into a sword built especially for Aragorn known as Andúril The Flame of the West.

Sting Edit

Sting was an Elvish long knife made in Gondolin during the First Age

The Sting glowing as Orcs approach

Sting was an ancient blade and was lost during the Fall of Gondolin, the same battle in which Turgon fell and Glamdring was taken. The blade was carried by Bilbo in The Hobbit, after being found in a Troll-hoard by him. Though just a knife by the standard of elves, it made a perfect short sword for a Hobbit. A typical Gondolin weapon, it glowed blue whenever Orcs/Goblins were close by. It was christened Sting by the spiders of Mirkwood Forest, many of whom were "stung" by Bilbo with it.

Montaraz SwordEdit

This is the sword first used by Aragorn during the felllowship of the ring it helped him defeat many creatures such as Orcs,trolls and even the Nazgûl.

This sword was later replaced as Aragorn recieves Andúril The Flame of the West.


Aragorn/Strider holding his sword

Hadhafang Edit

The Hadhafang is the sword used by Idril, the Elven princess. This is the weapon she used to fight off the Nazgûl that were persuing her to get Frodo. this sword was made especially for the movie.


Hadhafang an elfin sword used by the Elven princess Idril

Legolas' Fighting Knives Edit

These knives are the close combat melee weapons used by Legolas
Legolas with Knives 1

Gimli's AxesEdit


Gimli's Axes

The character of Gimli uses a variety of axes during the film