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The Last Airbender is a live action adaptation of the cartoon with the same name.

this film features a variety of weapons including staffs, swords, clubs and boomerangs.

Aang's StaffEdit

This Staff is Aang's main weapon used in the movie besides the is engraved with air nomad symbols. it also opens out to make a glide in which he can fly on the air he controls.

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Aang's Staff

Sokka's Boomerang/clubEdit

This boomerang/club is the warrior Sokka's homemade weapon that he can throw or use as a melee weapon he was given this by his father when he as a boy when he left his village to go to war. he was appointed guardian of the village. this weapon was carved from a polar bear femur.

Zuko's Dual Doa SwordsEdit

These swords are prince Zuko's/The Blue Spirit's Signature weapons. they are used all the way through the film.they can be used to cast or reflect fire blasts.