The Hunger Games is the first of four films adapting the novel series by Suzanne Collins. Set in a future where 12 districts have to send 2 young people, one male and one female called tributes, into an arena where they participate in a battle royale to kill each other off until there but one tribute left, the story centers around Katniss Everdeen, a tribute in the 74th Hunger Games.


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Many axes and tomahawks being displayed in the training hall

During the three days of training various types of axes can be seen in the training hall. At the start the male tribute of district 9 is approaching Katniss with an axe before getting killed by Glove.


During the three days of training two katanas can be seen on a wall alongside some sickles.
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The two katanas in the right corner being displayed in the training hall


Knifes are part of the melee weapons featured in The Hunger Games. Glove uses many knifes during the hunger games, most of them as throwing knifes. During the bloodbath at the start she throws a knife at Katniss who blocks it with her backpack and uses it later on.

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The knife Katniss got from Glove

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Glove threatens Katniss with a knife during the feast


Marvel is seen using a kukri to kill a tribute during the bloodbath at the start.
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A kukri


In the training hall some sickles are displayed on a wall.

Threash manages to get a sickle at the start and kills a tribute with it and is always seen with it afterwards.
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The sickles being displayed in the training hall


A spear is the main weapon of Marvel. He uses one to kill Rue before being shot by Katniss. Peeta and the male tribute from district 3 are also seen with spears.


A Sword is the main weapon of Cato but is also seen in the hands of Marvel as they are pursuing Katniss.

In the training hall many swords are shown at a wall.
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After the bloodbath at the start Katniss sets a trap made out of a wood spike that strikes forward after being triggered.

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Katniss testing her trap

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