Curtains is a 1983 Canadian cult slasher film directed by Richard Ciupka, and starring John Vernon, Samantha Eggar, Linda Thorson and Lynne Griffin. The plot tells the story of a group of actresses targeted by a masked killer at a prestigious director's remote mansion where they are auditioning for a role in a movie.  After having a markedly troubled production that included reshoots spanning two years, the film became a staple of late night television, only to later receive attention through word of mouth among genre fans, many of whom cite the Lesleh Donaldson's 'ice skating' murder scene as the memorable highlight.  The following melee weapons were used in the movie Curtains:  


Unidentified Chef's KnifeEdit

A Chef's Knife, was used by Patti during when Amanda wakes up from a nightmare, she is grabbed by the hair and is stabbed after Amanda checks on her boyfriend (which is presumed dead). This chef's knife remains unidentified due to the handle not being shown, but only the blade or the scene is too dark to identify.


Vintage Hand Sickle(s)Edit

During the scene of Christie's demise, it looks to appear that more than one sickle were used during the scene, accordingly, it looks to appear that 2-4 or more sickles were used in Christie's demise scene, this is proof because where the handle is, the blade's starting connection attached to the top of the handle is shaped differently. However, seeing that these sickles were different in each scene, these sickles looks to appear vintage. One of the sickles is shown clear during Christie's demise, where Patti grabs her behind a tree, but other scenes showing the sickle is when Patti grabs the sickle before Christie's demise, and during Tara's demise when Patti slashes her through the vents.